Life Fibre with SISE T-shirt
  collaboration launches with SISE 's
   AW 2017/18 collection.

Feb 2, 2017

February 3 2017- Life Fibre Company ( and SISE ( are launching a limited made-in-Japan capsule collection called Life Fibre With SISE LFWT (Life Fibre White T).

The collectEon will be rolled out alongside SISE’s AW 2017-18 collection. It will be launched at The Woolmark Company stand at ISPO held in Munich, Germany from February 5th to 8th 2017 as well as at SISE’s AW 2017-18 Exhibition held at the KUON Showroom in Tokyo, Japan from February 14th to 19th 2017. The collection consists of a total of 5 styles including designs developed based on SISE’s popular Big T and Big Pocket T.
It is a high-quality, sophisticated, street-style T-shirt collection developed by Seishin Matsui, a Japanese designer experienced in working with wool materials. The collection features environmentally friendly, machine washable wool jerseys created using LIFE FIBRE ECO-FRIENDLY TREATMENT (LIFE FIBRE EFT), a completely new shrink-resisting treatment that prevents the loss of the wool’s scaling. LIFE FIBRE EFT works by encapsulating the naturally hydrophobic surface of the wool fibres with polyamide through interfacial polymerization. This creates molecular binding between the wool fibre surfaces and the polymer, leading to better durability.

 Products with LIFE FIBRE EFT not only pass IWS TM-31-ISO6330-1984 standards for machine washability, but also tolerate the enzyme-based detergents often used for home laundry.