Life Fibre Company has developed an innovative shrink resistant treatment with no chlorine use called LIFE FIBRE ECO-FRIENDLY TREATMENT (LIFE FIBRE EFT) after long years of studies and experiments. The team invented this innovative technique consists of the members from a Japanese spinner and dyeing and processing manufacturers operating in Japan’s wool industry for nearly 100 years. Most of common shrink resistant processes, which capacitate wool products to be machine-washable, often use chlorine during the processes. Usage of chlorine has been regarded harmful to the environment. When chlorine in wastewater is mixed in rivers, it tends to bond with carbon and create adsorbable organic halogens (AOX). AOX is known to cause cancer if human being take them through the food chain. In recent years, especially in Europe, campaigns to support regulations regarding AOX emission to protect the environment have increased. LIFE FIBRE EFT involves neither removing scales nor damaging the surface of wool fibres like other existing shrink resist treatments. Scales on fibres are resulted to maintain the durability of wool fibre. For instance, wool treated with LIFE FIBRE EFT is proven maintaining its native durability against light fastness and the usage of enzyme detergents.